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Get the insights you need to grow stronger and closer as a couple

It's easy; you'll use the Relationship Resiliency Assessment to sort a virtual "deck of cards" of 25 positive statements into 5 stacks about your relationship.  
Simply choose the stack that best describes your interactions, from "Most like us" to "Least like us." 
And there's no waiting; you'll immediately see a graphic display showing your relationship's strengths and growing edges.

Take the Free Assessment

Who Should Use This Approach


​Couples in short-term chronic stress who wish to use science-based strengths-oriented approaches on their own.

Couples considering counseling and who want to clarify their relational resources and set their own agenda for counseling.

Who Should NOT Use This Approach

Couples who do not have physical and emotional safety. If you are in a relationship where there is physical and emotional abuse, our approach is not for you; our approach may inspire you to stay together when the first thing needed is for everyone to get to a safe place.

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